The New Vactor® 2100i.
Innovations Everywhere You Look.

The Vactor 2100i combines exciting new features with the proven performance advantages customers have come to expect from the Vactor 2100 Series. Here is a brief list of just some of what the 2100i offers:

  • New optional wireless controls, including updated belly pack and handheld remotes feature a view screen for monitoring key operational functions
  • JetRodder® Water Pump for smooth continuous flows and years of carefree maintenance
  • Our unique air-routing and filtration system for faster, safer operation
  • All water valves are located in the same mid-ship control station, reducing the time and effort of walking back and forth around the truck by the operator
  • Quieter engine design with high ground clearance, lower water fill point, and twist-and-lock pipe restraints
  • Hose reel telescopes out up to 15 inches and rotates up to 270 degrees
  • Water tank system designed and built with high quality, high-strength, light weight aluminum for maximum capacity and a low center of gravity – tanks are constructed to resist corrosion and feature a 10-year standard warranty
  • Unique Modul-Flex design provides for maximum capacities and optimum weight distribution on every truck
  • 60-inch (1524 mm) high dump allows debris to be unloaded into roll-offs up to 5-feet (1.524 m) high without requiring a lift or ramp

The New Vactor 2100i comes in fully customizable configurations:

Positive Displacement (PD) Model – ideal for pulling material long distances

Single Engine, Single or Dual Stage Fan Models – for all-around sanitary and storm sewer cleaning

Water Recycling Model – that saves thousands of gallons of clean water every shift

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